• June 8, 2023
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In all aspects of our existence, we are limited. We are limited by the hours in the day. We can not be in
two places at the same time, though some would argue. We also have personal doubt that can prevent
us from achieving our goals. All these types of things are limits, both physical and mental.
In business, especially contracting, problems arise. The computer is down, we ran out of material, our
plans are in disagreement. A General Contractor(GC) needs to be able to resolve these issues right
away. A GC also needs to speak to perspective clients, shop around for materials, do take offs, produce
estimates, etc. If your company is large enough you may well have several people to take care of these
tasks. If your company is small and starting out, these issues can be limits that are holding you back.
The most interesting man in the world once said “Find out what you do not so well, and don’t do that
thing”. I interpret that to mean, ask for help when you need it.

There are a lot of incredible craftspeople in our country. For some reason, people think that if you are
good enough at something you should have your own business. That seems logical, but a knowledge of
joinery or welding do not make someone a good business person. In fact starting a business will only
take them away from what they are best at. If you want to go into business for yourself, then consider
hiring a business manager to handle all of the ins and outs of the business, so you can excel at what you

Personal limits often have to do with our perspective. What traits do I have that won’t allow me to
achieve my goals. This type of thought is toxic, and can drag you down like an anchor. This is the most
difficult barrier to hurdle. You cannot be the best at anything without first trying it. You could not run
before you could walk. You cannot expect to be a world class sprinter without training and practice.
When you set goals that are attainable, your success rate will increase. When you accomplish small
goals, you are continually closer to your big dream.
Whether you are a large company or a small company, a new company or an old company, you will
encounter limitations. Making small adjustments, hiring help, even temporarily, and making smart
decisions, are easy ways to improve your business. It is vital to know what our limits are, so we can
move them.

Bryan K Grimm