• June 8, 2023
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If you are starting a dream project, a small addition, or any job that requires a set of plans, it is vital that
you find the right partner in an Architect. There are several reasons to do this:
They will know the codes and be able to provide documentation for inspections etc.
They will be able to tell you what can and cannot be done.

Architects will help your vision come to life and guide you through space allotments.
A good architect will be able to ease the construction process along the way.
These are the reasons that finding the right architect for you is so important. The most common
approach to finding an architect is through word of mouth. You can inquire through friends or if you see
buildings that you like, and find out who designed them. Maybe you have seen some things that you
like in an industry magazine. If you find the name of a firm, or a specific architect, you can reach out to
them directly.

The two previous methods can be time consuming, and ultimately this project is for you so finding the
right person someone else contracted might not be what you need. The American Institute of Architects