• June 8, 2023
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My wrestling coach in high school used to say that “Practice does not make perfect”, “Perfect Practice
makes perfect.” It took a long time to understand exactly what that meant to me, but I would like to
share it with you.

How can I practice perfectly if I am just beginning? I would ask myself repeatedly. Watching my son
practice soccer daily, I would repeat the phrase as we arrived at the field. He looked as if he understood
it as much as I did. Great words….

Perfect Practice makes Perfect. Even now, writing this, the meaning is evolving. Am I writing this the
best that I can? If I go back and edit, is it the best I can do?
Do your best at all times.
Your best may not be “the” best.
Your best may not be “your’ best.
Your best will get better as you attempt to achieve it.
Perfect practice. In sport, in business, and in building. Each time you do, you will improve.